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Carbon Usage Effectiveness

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Carbon Usage Effectiveness

Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) is a metric developed by The Green Grid to measure data center sustainability in terms of carbon emissions. CUE is the ratio of the total CO2 emissions caused by total data center energy consumption to the energy consumption of IT equipment.

The formula to calculate CUE is:

CUE = CO2 Emissions Caused by Total Data Center Energy / IT Equipment Energy

To calculate CUE when using electricity from the grid, carbon emissions can be based on published government data for the region. When using electricity produced on-site, the actual emissions data from local meters is used in an ideal scenario, though calculations may be made using the generator manufacturer data for emission and fuel source.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is used by data center managers to meet compliance requirements and reduce their carbon footprint. With DCIM, you can know your current carbon emissions by location, set a target, and track your performance over time as you meet your green data center and data center sustainability goals.