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Modern Datacenters

In the era of digitalization, the growth of data centers will be further accelerated by 5G, Autonomous vehicles, high quality streaming, content delivery, AI, and cloud services & technologies. Data Centers consume a lot of electricity to provide IT and cloud services mainly for the data processing, delivery, and storage. The share of power for the data centers in the  global power consumption is projected to increase significantly in the next 10-20 years to a level that the existing and upcoming power generation infrastructure will struggle to keep pace with the demand unless there will be serious national and international effort to study the growth and make the right decisions and design for planning and preparation of the infrastructure which is crucial for this critical industry and our world’s digital economy. The importance and criticality of this industry have been proved many times, e.g. during the Covid-19 pandemic. The behavioral changes in the way we do business today will have a lasting effect and will further boost the acceleration rate.

We at DC PRO are working with the best consultants in the power generation and renewable industry are fully committed to contribute to the design and growth of the data centers and the required infrastructure and therefore have opened a new business line to streamline our focus.